"You may encounter slow or choppy video playback" when streaming to Chromecast

Hi there!

Sorry, if this problem has already been solved, but as a newbie I can’t find a search function for this forum.

So I partly use Infuse for streaming locally saved movies/shows from my iPhone 7 to my Google Chromecast.
When I start the playback, I’m already greated by the info box “You may encounter slow or choppy video playback” (I’m using the German localisation of the app, but that should be the context of the message).
After that my file usually playes fine for a couple of minutes, but then it stops, a buffer loading circle appears in the app and it won’t resume the playback.
Only way to resume is closing the Infuse video player and start the playback again. But after a couple of minutes - the same.

The strange thing is however: I can stream the exact same file using Plex (not converted or optimized) from my PC to the Chromecast without any problems.
So it shouldn’t be an issue with my network connection.

Therefore the file itself and how Infuse handles it should create the issue.
As I’m not really firm with codecs and stuff, I attached the Plex media info of a file, that creates said issue.
From what I heard Infuse handles MKV, DTS, H.264 and so on pretty well, but maybe there is a simple solution or workaround for my problem. I’m on the recent iOS app version 5.4.

Oh, and I usually use subtitles, if that should be an info worth mentioning. However the error still occurs even with disabled subs.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Which model Chromecast do you have? Level 4.1 High is the max the regular Chromecast will support, and some files with higher bitrates can see issues like this. Infuse doesn’t do any transcoding, so it’s really up to the Chromecast for what it can handle.

The new Ultras have a bit more pep compared to the older models, which may help in this particular case.

Thx James!
I have the Chromecast 2. Maybe will upgrade to the latest model then, if there is nothing else to tweak.
At least worth a try.