Year of tv show

I’m new to infuse pro.
I have 500 tv shows and only 10-20 are found automatically. In all my tv shows I have in the name the year of the tv show (first season).

For example :
Unsere kleine Farm (1974).s01e01.mp4

Can it be that the year must exactly match to the tv show? In some of my tv show the year can variate one year plus or minus.

Or must I have only patient. and with every use of infuse there will more tv shows in my list? After connet to my tv shows folders infuse searched metadata about 11000 tv shows.
But most of them are now in “Other”.

Best wishes

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To see the naming structures that Infuse prefers look here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

For TV series the year is seldom needed and if not needed it can cause Infuse to think it’s a movies and look for movie metadata instead of TV.

Try “Unsere kleine Farm.s01e01.mp4” Instead and see if that helps. It’s “Little House on the Prairie” in English.

Edit to add, I just tried “Unsere kleine Farm.s01e01.mp4” and it worked great.

The name of the show (including any year) must match the name of the TV series on

If the name of the show on includes the year, then you should include it in the file name before the SxxExx, if it does not include the year then the file name should not include it.

So you probably need to do one of the following for shows that do not have the year in the name on

  • Delete the year from the filename.
  • Move the year to after the SxxExx part of the file name (as infuse appears to ignore anything after the SxxExx when looking up metadata)

Something worth trying is changing the “(1974)” to “[1974]” and see if that works … I haven’t tried it with TV series, but with films Infuse appears to ignore what is placed in square brackets.

Thanks for your answer. Because I’m coming from kodi, in all my 11000 episodes I have the year in the file name. It was now easier for me to correct metadata in all 500 tv shows. But I think this should be improved in future release. If the name contains a string like SxxExx then it is a tv show. Otherwise it is a movie. If it is a tv show then infuse should searching in whatever the name contains the year or not.

Best wishes Bernhard

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