Yeah Rah! Boxee is now working

I purchased ATVflash last November. Since then I have tried everything posted to get Hulu and other videos working on Boxee, but nothing worked. Yesterday I downloaded the most recent beta version of Boxee to Apple TV and now everything is working! And there is a brand new spiffy user interface that looks great!

I am not sure what changed (I had already downloaded the newest version fo ATVflash and Boxee in early March) but it now works wonderfully! Thank You! Thank You! :smiley:

Steve Q

After reading your post, I reloaded Boxee beta again…it does work much better.
What a difference. Thanks!

Could you get Youtube videos playing?

Yes, Youtube does play through Boxee…But, I prefer to watch Youtube through Apple TV’s internet menu.

Did you get Hulu to work? How?

I’m a new user to ATVflash and Boxee (beta downloaded yesterday 9 July 2010). [Hour 1] Can’t get sound or picture on Boxee for BBC iPlayer (yes, I am in the UK), YouTube or Hulu. Progress bar in iPlayer is active, and ‘now playing’ tab says iPlayer and Hulu are active, but…nothing. [Hour 2] I’ve now reloaded Boxee alpha and BBC iPlayer now worked (hoorah) but when Charlie and Lola finished playing a dialogue appeared ‘More Like This’ which was an endless loop: ie pressing the ‘Menu’ button flashed momentarily back to the ‘Channels’ screen before bouncing back to ‘More Like This’ again. Hard Reset!! Arrrgh!!! :x [Hour 3] After the hard reset, iPlayer has now disappeared from the Applications list. Weird. Should I reinstall Boxee yet again? Can I really be bothered?? Perhaps I should revert to Plan A and put the ATV on eBay … :roll: