Yamaha YSP 5100 and Infuse

I recently got a Yamaha YSP 5100 Sound Projector. it supports all known formats of audio (from Dolby Digital to DTS MA 7.1)
It also support LPCM.

When I set the Apple TV to Best Audio Quality Available, and Infuse to Auto, any content that I have (MKVs, M2TS BluRay Rips),
that contains DTS or DTS-MA, I get only 2 ch instead of 7.1.

If I set infuse to Passthough - I get up to DTS and DTS ES 6.1 streams.

I also have an old PS3 connected that sends all its audio via HDMI to the YSP. the YSP Shows 8 LPCM channels perfectly.
(this PS3 release always sends LPCM via HDMI).

Any ideas what is going on here?


I think I solved it ! - When I replaced my previous Receiver with the new YSP-5100 - I just swapped the HDMI cables between the two.
everything worked fine except the problem above. but then I tried Netflix :slight_smile: - Netflix did not show a picture. then suddenly it poped up a dialog box saying
it has HDCAP error… a quick look in Netflix help recommended rebooting the Apple TV - I pulled the plug on the Apple TV and now Netflix works and InFuse works fine!

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