XP connect

I have a share on my simple XP server, but either in Nitro nor Boxee I can't get a connection. What's the correct format? My ATV is able to play streaming music from the same share... 

I've had success with an SMB share.  If your XP box is rebooted while the drive is mounted, I've had to restart the ATV (hard restart / pull the plug) in order to re-establish a mount. 

I do stream wireless, and I've tried different wireless routers.  I have found the AirPort Extreme to be the best for my purposes, both a Belkin and a Linksys were both insufficient in terms of overall speed and reliability.




I have some issue with SMB. I try to share a directory from my PC with XP, but my Apple TV doesn’t work fine. How do you configure your PC and ATV…???

Details for streaming to the AppleTV via SMB can be found here.