XML > "special characters", page break?

Hi :slight_smile:

I create a XML-File to overwrite some Meta-Informations from my Movies in Infuse.

I have two questions about it:

How can I write (for example in the Movie-Discription) the Special Character β€œ&”?
(If I write the β€œ&” Sign, then the XML-File is not recognized! It seems the β€œ&” sign, is also a meta-tag, and this is how the xml-File don’t work anymore)

How can I create a page brake? (in Movie Description)
I like to create a page brake, so the text is in a new Line…
Wich Meta-Tag I have to use for this?

Can someone help me?

best regards,
Christian :slight_smile:

You might try β€œ&amp” in place of just β€œ&” and see if that works.(without quotes)

Maybe you can find some insight here:


Ok, thank you :slight_smile:
I will give it a try if I’m at home again.

Do you know also the tag for a page break?

I found it out :slight_smile:

β€œPage Break” =>