XML Metadata for TV Shows

I want to offload metadata scraping from my devices to make it on my computer, once for everything. I came across this help page (http://support.firecore.com/entries/20557283-Metadata-and-Cover-Art) where it shows an XML to preload metadata and it works, I wanted to know if there is a documentation for that XML, especially for how it works with TV shows. Searching for this topic I only found an old thread (http://firecore.com/forum/topic/8262) where @james said there will be a TV show-specific XML.


I see I can kinda add metadata using a template I found (http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/ATVFiles_XML_Metadata), and also with .NFOs from Ember Media Manager (Windows), but the problem is that the episodes don’t get grouped.
How can I get episodes grouped with manual metadata?

I used a app called “wdtvhubgen” it’s for both mac and pc, you search for your show, apply the right cover, and it downloads the xml file for each episode and it sticks. I have 2 appleTV4’s, and a iPhone, and when I open up my tv shows on all of them, it stays the same…