XML isn't working?

I tried to create an XML file for custom metadata but Infuse isn’t seeing it. It’s seeing the artwork, but not the XML file. I saw another post about accents on letters, and I’ve taken those out of mine. Here it is:

Volcano High Like a jump-spinning roundhouse kick to the side of your head, VOLCANO HIGH will smash to pieces everything you thought an MTV movie could be. In a wild high school setting, the kick-ass martial arts action explodes as rival sports teams go at it kung-fu style. With mind-blowing special effects, a hip-hop soundtrack and an impressive cast of celebrity voices including Andre 3000, Lil' Jon, Snoop Dogg, Method Man and Mya, this film will keep your pulse racing. Brace yourself, Grasshopper. Method Man Big Boi Snoop Dogg Andre 3000 Tracy Morgan PG-13 6 2003-12-21 Action Comedy Fantasy Seoung-Jae Cha Tae-gyun Kim

I would love to see a feature where we can select which cover from themoviedb is used though.

You may try downloading and renaming the sample XML file found here to see if that is working as expected. Inception

Also, if you can send in the XML file you are using we can review it.

I copied and pasted that exact sample actually, which is why this is confusing me. I didn’t realize the tags didn’t work in the forum post, could’ve sworn I’ve seen xml code in a post before. Attached is my xml file.

volcano_high_2003.txt (1 KB)

Hmm, just tried it here and it seems to be working as expected.

One thing to note, if you are adding an XML file after Infuse has already fetched info for that file you will need to use the ‘Edit’ option and select the XML file from the list. See attached.

Hi James :slight_smile:

Could you please fix the little Bug, that the “Writer”-Tag is not working with XML-Files? :wink:

That’s the exact steps I took and it still didn’t change the metadata? I’ve changed it to the xml straight away, changed it to XML from post-fetched, then back and forth? If it makes any difference, I am using SMB on a Win10 machine to set up the files

Sorry. Reviving this from the dead but “writer” is not working… Just as the post above stated. Everything else works fine.

Not sure what you’ve got that causing it to not work for you but it seems fine for my test.