XML Format


Media Player is not able to read metadata file when the danish words øØ æÆ åÅ are in the XML file

<media type=“Movie”>

    <title>Mission Impossible 1</title>

    <description>Tom Cruise spiller hovedrollen som Ethan Hunt, en tophemmelig agent, der fejlagtigt bliver mistænkt som forræder</description>








        <name>Tom Cruise</name>

<name>Jon Voight</name>

<name>Emmanuelle Beart</name>

<name>Henry Czerny</name>






        <name>Brian De Palma</name>



Are those characters correctly escaped?

I believe that the XML standard says that an XML file should only contain ASCII characters, so that if you want a character that is outside the ASCII range you need to escape them.  Not all software implements this part of the standard correctly, so it is quite common to see XML files with non-ASCII characters in them.