XML file

Is there an xml primer. I had a look at the sample but would be good to see what other options can be used in the xml. Thanks

Here you can find some more Infos:

But this guide is not completely up-to-date…

Some other examples:
=> You can use the writer-Tag to overwrite the Writer!
=> Infuse supports some XML-Tags for Line-Breaks, Page-Breaks, Soft hyphen etc!
=> You can customize rating and userStarRating!

Thanks, what I was really looking for was hopefully the list of specific tags that infuse supports from the developers?

An up-to-date sample file with all supported tags can be found here.


XML files

I am trying to go from Boxee to Infuse (just bought Infuse 5 PRO to tvOS) and need some information about the xml-file.
For my library in Boxee I have created a lot of .nfo-files and I will now convert them to xml-files since .nfo did not work properly.
In my files I have listed for how many minutes a show/movie is running, like 122min etc… witch tag should I use in the XML-file to get same behaviour?