XML doesn't work, how to edit

I record tv shows with NextPvr that outputs an xml file (attached). For infuse to read it correctly I need to edit the file by adding lines (+++) and removing lines (- - -). What is the easiest way to do this? Do I have to write a Win Cmd script, would take some time to figure out how.

aerial_america_0.txt (597 Bytes)

Try TinyMediaManager.

Looks like TinyMediaManager is for Kodi and Plex which I don’t use. Found MiniTrue that may suit my needs. Will be giving it a try tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion tho.

You’re welcome. TinyMediaManager works for much more than Kodi and Plex, though. Just so you know. It’s been working great with Infuse until the 6.3.5 update. The new update seems to have fixed most of my issues, hopefully.

You got me curious. If you have time, how do you use Tiny with Infuse? To use Tiny do you have a Plex server or stand-alone? Are you using Tiny to generate a local playlist? I don’t see that Infuse will work on a playlist remote or locally. I just use Infuse from local Nas files via SMB so I don’t pretend to know all of it’s capabilities.

Unfortunately, categorizing TV shows with XML files is something that is not currently supported.

However, we have seen some interest in this so we have it on our list for a future update.

I came here to request this specific feature :slight_smile: I have several shows that aren’t scraping correctly. If I try to fix it by doing an Edit Metadata all the episodes from all the shows it did recognize get grouped under one show.

For example (and this is a bit convoluted but hopefully it makes sense), I see an episode of Peppa Pig that’s not correct, I Edit Metadata, set the show, then all sudden I’ve got a Peppa Pig series with 45 seasons. If I look at Season 45, it’s actually Saturday Night Live, another show it could not scrape.

Long story short, I would LOVE the ability to drop an XML file which just has the TVDB ID so Infuse grabs the right series.

Thank you for the awesome app!

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You may want to start a thread here with your suggestion. :slight_smile: https://firecore.com/forum/suggestions

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Thank you for the suggestion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Finally found a solution. After farting around with MiniTrue, a partial solution, then adding mt.exe inside of vDos, it got ugly fast. Scrapped that and found GrepWin that utilizes cmd script extensions. Now got NextPvr xml files converting automatically so Infuse shows the metadata (show description) correctly.