XML (custom Metadata get ignored)...?

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a little problem with XML-Files for customize Metadata!

I have put the XML-File into the same Folder…

for example:


I use the this sample xml…

Now the problem is:

It shows only Director, Cast, Genre, Rating!
The other Tags like Producer, Writer etc are completely ignored (appear blank)…

What I do wrong?

We’ll take a look. Thanks!

A bit more info on the subject…

  • Producers - we currently don’t show producers in the UI
  • Writers - overriding isn’t working (that’s a bug)
  • Rating - overriding isn’t working (that’s a bug)

Fixes in progress. :wink:

Ok, that’s great! :slight_smile:

James, one further question about this:

Is it possible to replace (or add, if nothing is available)
the Rating “Stars” as well?

Wich Meta-Tag is used for this? :slight_smile:

This can be set by using the ‘userStarRating’ tag. Scale 1-10.

I’ve just added it to our sample.xml file (link below) as I noticed it was missing. :wink:


Hey James, Is there any possibility of getting a list of tags and the acceptable variables used by infuse? Things like media type would help as would knowing what variables that infuse looks for.

The sample linked above includes everything we currently support. However, the Media Type isn’t actually being used right now, but it will be supported in an upcoming version.

Hello James :slight_smile:

The Problem is:
The overwriting with the ‘userStarRating’ tag only works, if the Movie is listet on TheTVDB.com

If the Movie is not listet there, I can’t find a way to insert the Star Rating…

Can you help me? :slight_smile:

Hey James :slight_smile:

Can you give some more Informations about this issues?
The “Writer” and “Rating” Overwriting with an XML-File still don’t work…

Any news or estimates on the Producer, Writer and userStarRating still not working?

Sorry, but your not going to get an real answer. I have been waiting for proper use of embedded metadata for years…going all the way back to the days of jail breaking the AppleTV 2 and running aTV Flash black. I hope it happens one day, but I don’t expect it to.

Hi ?

I have made a feature Request for this (and other Metadata/Coverart issues)…

Please vote for it here: ??


@ndy - sorry to hear that. I’ts a great app that with a few bug fixes, a handfull new features and a bit of usabillity changes it would be wort to pay a lot more for it. I’m had really high hopes when buying it for ATV4 but is now a bit dissapointed. The XML, the metadata reading fropm m4v/mp4 files and cover art are three things neccesary to get a good experience if you want tu have all your own films in nice repository. Films like what you shoot with your DV cam when the children were newborn etc etc. All those without meta data and cover will never be the same…

Voted !!!