.XML Custom Metadata and Custom Artwork

I can’t seem to get this to work almost at all. I have one or two files where the .XML file following the appropriate format works, but only one or two. I am using the correct formatting as found here https://cloud.firecore.com/sample.xml and am attaching examples for you to see.

In attached examples “Partially Working Example Pic 1,” “Partially Working Example Pic 2,” “Partially Working Example Pic 3,” and “Partially Working Example Pic 4” you see a case in which in the XML file is properly working to display custom data. And when selecting the Edit screen you can scroll to the bottom and see the actual XML file it is pulling the data. Awesome, that’s how it is supposed to work. But for the artwork, it is not displaying the custom artwork created for it. As you can see in the “Partially Working Example Pic 3” I have foldered these files as you might expect. But just for grins, I used the logic applied for creating custom folder icons. So I created an individual folder for the files as seen in attachment “Partially Working Example Pic 4” and named the artwork file favorite-atv.jpg. Still no dice.

Now for the example not working at all. Look at the attached files “Not Working Example Pic 1,” “Not Working Example Pic 2,” and “Not Working Example Pic 3” you see all the logic is the same as the partially working example above, except no XML data is pulling through. While “Not Working Example Pic 1” shows the lack of XML data pulling through, “Not Working Example Pic 2” demonstrates it’s looking at the existing XML file, but won’t pull the data. “Not Working Example Pic 3” just shows the foldering of those files.

Not being able to figure this out is killing me. Please help James! Or Firecore community! Anyone!