XML and what info to tag

Hello new here, I just recently bought an Apple TV 2 and jail broke it and installed the newest aTV Flash a few weeks ago and it’s going great and i love it, but now iv’e run into having to rename some of my movies using XML files, and i have read of bunch of posts about the difficulty using them, my question is what fields exactly does the media player use? Can i create an XML with just those fields and have the data base fill in the rest? Does anyone have a XML template to use or a good Windows program suggestion to use so I may do this properly?  Thanks 

Have you considered using application like Subler to embed metadata within the file? I am a big fan of embedded metadata as it makes the media file so much more portable. After all, why should info about a media depends on the filename?!?!

Alas, Media Player still needs improvements on embedded metadata. But I am sure Firecore will see the light that metadata tagging should be left to other applications instead of spending time on codes to read metadata from external source.

I would normally use a program like MetaX for my files cause i have Windows, but I’m using DVD iso’s so I have to use XML. I was just trying to find a way to create an XML that works with the Media Player correctly.

I see. I used be in the same boat with all ISO files but I gave that up in favor of M4V so I can move them to my iPad/iPhone as well.

Good luck.