XMBC Shuts off after 10 seconds

XBMC is shutting off after 10 seconds of startup and goes back to the main menu. Is anyone else having this issue and know of a fix?

Im having the same issue, no clue how to fix it. Its becoming very annoying!

My xbmc crashed 5 sec after start up
And goes to main apple tv page

But I believe that I found the source of my problem
There is an update for addon movieDB (movie info) xbmc
When Xbmc tries to update
It crash and goes to main menu
Some times it keeps crashing after 5 sec I start xbmc
The way I can bypass is unplug my Internet wire
Start xbmc then plug back the Internet
I don t know how to fix this
But I am sure something is not correct on this update
Because it crashes it if I manually update it
WOrst part I don’t know if this has anything related to atv flash update

It looks like this issue is related to one of the XBMC repos. A fix can be found here.


Hi James, i dont think thats the issue…XMBC crashes right away after a fresh install with no add-on even being loaded. It seems to be the “THe MovieDB” sources thats trying to update but cant, does anyone know how to remove this from XMBC by SFTP’ing in?

Having the same issue, wonder if it is related to MegaUpload taken down the moviedb maybe saved there and when referenced to launch nothing is there and xbmc crashes same when you try to update, manually, moviedb

I dont’ think it is a mega upload issue…only ice films uses mega upload…not even trying to load ice films and it just shuts down. James as far as the link you put up, i believe it’s been removed for now, hopefully will know more soon.


Thanks everyone,

It seems that there is a corrupt update file for XBMC
Before I had XBMC Eden beta 1

I think I found the solution
Update to beta 2
Do it at your own risk!!! It fixed mine, I can’t be sure that it will fix yours

First, try to use nitoTV to update or click install XBMC
And check if it will tell you there is an update for it.
If nitoTV says that you have the newest, check which version you have by starting XBMC and look the start up page it says beta 1 or 2

If it is version 1, try next instructions (at your own risk) if you have version 2 then you have different problem than mine.

With your atv2 at main page
SSH go to /private/var/stash/application/XBMC.frappliane/xbmcdata/xbmchome/addons

Save or backup folders:


The last 2 folders, I am not sure if needed but I did them anyways

After saving into your computer
Delete the originals folders in your atv2

Then go to nitoTV and install software
Go to XBMC and click install
Let it check
And there should be an update
Let it finish and it should update XBMC to beta 2
Sometimes you might counter mirror or files not found Or error downloading the update
Just go back and click install again
I had to try few times in order to get the update

Once update is done go to XBMC system setting addon
There should be an update available themoviedb ( this is the one that made my XBMC crash )
After beta 2 it updated no problem

Good luck


Same problem and I had the code on the appletv to prevent updating. All I had to do to prevent the XBMC from kicking me out was the following.

Go to “NitoTV” (on the main AppleTV screen).

Go to “Install Software”

Go to “XBMC-ATV2” (I had 11.0… installed but I re-installed it anyway to clear out the problem)

Click “Install”

It will take about 2-3 minutes to re-install and you’ll see a bunch of text fly by. After that I was fine and all my repos were still there.