XMBC Reboots Apple TV when I try to Play a Movie

XMBC Reboots Apple TV when I try to Play a Movie, but work well with a TV show. Is there a size restriction with movies. Most are 1.1 gig. They worked fine before the upgrade.

Thank you for any suggestions.

If your using the out of the box beta build of XBMC for aTV 2 you need to do this update - is wworks fine now.


Thank you so so much. It seems to work! I would just like to say a genuine thank you for your efforts.

Kindest regards

David W


I am having the same issue, and after reading your post click on the link above to see the solution and it takes me to a blank page!!

Ok so I found the fix on a different post

Here it is:



uninstall XBMC


THEN  using Terminal  log in to your apple tv.


ssh root@<ip address>

(after entering your password if you haven’t change it {usually ‘alpine’)

when you are in , copy and paste the following



apt-get update

apt-get install

wget http://hadm.net/~keith/xbmc_atv2/latest_atv2.deb


dpkg -i latest_atv2.deb


apt-get install curl apt-get install org.awkwardtv.whitelist apt-get install org.xbmc.xbmc-seatbeltunlock

apt-get -f install

cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.bak echo " appldnld.apple.com" >> /etc/hosts echo " mesu.apple.com" >> /etc/hosts echo " appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net" >> /etc/hosts

killall AppleTV


then watch the magic,

respring your appletv

and try the new XBMC, awsome!!!!