XMBC latest builds

Is it possible to get the latest builds for XBMC? Some plugins won’t work with out the latest builds along with some of the skins.
All I see in my download for XBMC is the official 9.04.1 release and not release r20349 or later.


This is where I go:


r22453 is available as of today!

Any chance to get guidelance how to install the latest version?

FTP to the root of your ATV.

go into the APPLICATIONS folder.

you would just delete xbmc.app

and put the new xbmc.app file that you downloaded in there.

before you do that - just backup the userdata and skins folder in your current xbmc folder… then put them back into the new xbmc - they go in the same place.

honestly i just googled ‘how to update xbmc’ when i wanted to do that and that is what i found, and it worked for me.

good luck.

Thanks a lot!!!