XMBC just started locking up at startup (x 1 week)

I haven’t had any problems like this at all. In the past week, when I go to start up XBMC - it just sticks on a black screen. You can here the selection clicker noise in the background as if you were moving the cursor/selection … you can here it try and back out when you hit menu…but absolutely no picture. Then I have to reboot. Sometimes it will make it to the the screen after rebooting and I can use it as normal (all of a sudden as well and maybe of note - the screen is stretched so that the time and the ticker at the bottom are cut off. I’ve reset my settings multiple time for the video in the main area of atv and also in xbmc (though if memory serves correct it will not let me select 1080p - it doesnt’ even show as an option where as in the main atv menu in the video config, it DOES give me the option and once that is done and then going back to xbmc it sometimes fixes the video issue…not often though).

Any ideas?

Is XBMC being launched through the XBMC/Boxee menu or somewhere else?

Thru the xbmc/boxee menu

I doubt this will help but along with the aforementioned problems…lately when my ATV starts up from being shutdown and the video clip/screen you get on startup with the thousands of little tv screens is swirling around - I no longer get the music playing with it as it used to… But then in the main menu I Do hear the usual soundeffects when moving the cursor etc… Maybe something, maybe nothing. Hope that helps?

Which version of AppleTV software are you running? Also, you will want to ensure all updates have been installed via the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu.

Thanks for the reply…
I did go and update things in maintanence but I’m a little gunshy on updating my version of atvflash…as of right now I can still watch my shows and such on xmbc…sometimes I have to reboot a couple times before I can get into it so thats a little annoying and the thing constantly resetting to a different resolution on me…but with all the comments with issues on the newest version (I’m updated to the second last version). Last time I updated it took me a frustrating long time to get things up and running again. Any other things I can try to fix the glitches? More annoyances right now so I’m not complaining - still like the product just want it running tip top.


I had the same problem…then realized i had downloaded the alpha instead of the beta version of boxee to fix a previous lockout. once i installed the beta version, no issues with the lockup. hope this helps…

I have since (I think?)/already had updated to the newest atvflash updates (sorry, not too tech savy - is everything thru maintenance now for the updates…if so, I’m current in everything.). Where would I check to know for sure i’m updated (sorry, dumb question…i did look at least before asking : )

Park of my issue with the resolution has been fixed - i just fine tuned the zoom or something in the xbmc settings area so it usually shows up though it has kind of expanded a couple times so that the time on the top of the screen is cut and you can only see the bottom half. Not a major issue for me unless it might be affecting my movie viewing? Still the same thing - black screen and I can hear the cursor moving/reacting to the remote but nothing happens and i can’t get the screen back without powering down and restarting.

It still locks up now and then but I think it did that before anyways.

The whole ATV as many other users have mentioned IS running incredibly slow on the main startup screen - ie - scrolling between the ATV menus there is a MAJOR lag from pressing the controller to the cursor actually moving on the screen.

Also - I hadn’t used BOXEE (thru the XBMC/BOXEE menu) - for a month or two it had been working perfectly (mostly just using it for justintv ) but now when I log on it just sits there…probably a question for BOXEE specifically but if anyone here has any fixes I’d love to hear.

Thanks again…still love the product even if for the bugs.

Well today i have updated to version 2 of crystalhd driver and the same behavior occurs (well it did also with version 1 but i have hoped that version 2 will help). Sometimes after lunching XBMC it stays black and you can not see anything. It only helps to exit XBMC , restart Finder and than it lunches normally until randomly the same happens again. This happens only with XBMC (latest svn), boxee works ok (well it did at alfa release but with beta everything is ok).

So today i have removed the Crystal HD card and will report if this will still me the same. It is strange that none has the same issues. I have also done clean full install and it is the same.

I did downgrade with http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/OSupdate and it is working. Well i have decided to do this because of troubles with black screen after XBMC launch.

So i have install version 3.01 (for this version i knew that there were less troubles) and now the HDMI port on ATV is working much better. All i have to do is wait till the HDMI port gets initialized (few seconds) and after that the XBMC run fine. So it looks like the troubles for black screen is for sure ATV os and TV (Phillips) in team.

So if anyone is having same troubles try downgrade to 3.01. I will try to find change log to see what was changed between versions.
And obviously it is true what Davilla has said: HDMI love it, hate it