XMBC is starting...

Xmbc works for a little while then suddenly displays XMBC is starting… and I cant control the device even though I can here the key clicks the screen stays frozen.

Help greatfully needed. ( Just upgraded to latest aTV Flash and using XMBC Frodo.




Are you using a bluetooth keyboard?

This happens to me when I try to use the BT keyboard



Yes I am using a bluetooth keyboard, I am trying without, and sure enough it appears to work fine :slight_smile:

Shame as the keyboard made it sure much easier but glad its not crashing now!

Many thanks


I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but I was reading somewhere else that we need to install BTstack from Nitotv for the keyboard to work under XBMC.

I’ll try later and report back

The error suggests that more work is required in XBMC to make it compatible with the Apple BT Keyboard support included in the 5.2 Firmware

Very interesting, XMBC on the Apple TV is superb, I love it, it gives the little black box such value and versatility, I’ll have a search for the nito information and yes definately more work required :slight_smile:



The BTStack was not showing on the main NitoTV page so I went to Sources|Awkwardtv and installed it from there.

I went back to Settings|Bluetooth and couldn’t select a keyboard anymore so I went back to BTStack and removed it but NitoTV kept the dependencies.

Back to Settings|Bluetooth and could select the keyboard again.

Started XBMC and everything works perfectly, I’m happily using my Apple Keyboard under XBMC