XMBC fail - 5.2 upgrade... Get back to 5.0.2 but now can't jailbreak. Help!

OK. I’ve been JB for a year or so. Nothing major, just my own 4 ATV2s and a few friends. All has gone well using Seas0npass and FC. I have a lifetime subscription. Awesome!

However. Updated my ATVs 3 days ago… Although I only did 3 if them, all working fine on 5.0.2 and running XMBC, however what has changed in the last few days as when I went to do my 4th one… It pushed it up to 5.2 and now I can’t install XMBC… ( I understand why I can’t but I need a resolution)

So I usually use a MAC but have a Win7 Netbook (use it as a doorstop :slight_smile: )

So I out an earlier version of iTunes and managed to get it back to a full restored 5.0.2 ATV… But now the problem…

It just won’t JB even using the control click IPSW of 5.0.2 on Seas0npass. But it just fails… It gets right to the end of the restore in iTunes and then says it can’t verify the file and fails… Checked for FC logo, but its not arrived :frowning:

So what am I doing wrong? Please

The actual error I get is as follows:

The Apple TV “Apple TV” cannot be restored at this time because the Apple TV software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable.

Please try again later.

Mine finishes the 5.02 restore but it doesn’t seem to be jailbroken anymore. If i push the 5.2 upgrade the firecore logo is ther


Update: the only to get this to work is to right click on create IPSW switch and choose 5.02 and the rest worked perfectly. THX for the hardwork everyone!