XMBC doesn't add external HDD on Airport Extreme

Hi Everyone,

I got 1TB WD MyBookEssential HDD connected to Airport Extreme SoftVers. 7.6.1, trying to add on XBMC 11.0 aTV 5.0.2 
My HDD is formated in Mac Os Extended ( Journaled)

I cannot add my HDD on XBMC.

Is there any specific settings for my Airport Extreme? When I select Share at Airport Utility/Disks, I have 3 options: With accounts, device password, or disk password. Wich ones to choose? I have been trying all of them with no success.

I can see, manage and play the contents of my HDD on my computer, and also I manage to add my HDD via AFP and play my movies on FireCore Media. Wich means my HDD is shared through my network.

When I browse on Zeroconf I can see: AirportExtreeme (AFP) and AirportExtreeme (SAMBA)
But when I select them, nothing happens.
Trying to add manually by Windows network (SMB) but either XBMC quits, or shows Error2: share not available.

I manage to add my drive if I connect through my computer via Zeroconf AFP, but I don’t wanna have to attach it every time I will play a movie Sad
Tried to search the forum with no success…

Thanks for your time…

was this ever resolved, im having same problem and cant get an answer, was promised i could use a networked drive when i paid firecore.???