My Apple TV freezes after installing XMBC and Boxee. I needed to restore the Apple TV and re-installed v2.2 and aTV flash 3.3.2 to make it work again. Hope this serves a warning to those who want to install both applications.

Did you run the Update from the menu and update the Launcher, Boxee, and XBMC Alpha 2. I know you have to do this when installing these manually, but it is possible that you should try that (if you didn’t already) to see if it fixes the freezing.


That’s what I did. After installing, I rebooted and the problem started from there. I could not even re-start by pressing the menu and minus keys together.


I too installed atv today. Updated the Boxee/xmbc as the previous poster did, and had my apple tv freeze.

Ok, so I put on Boxee and the remote doesn’t work for anything…

What do I need to do now, I even updated the launcher to .4.

Thanks for help. Hate being stuck… :wink:

ya i had this problem too. i had it working for like an hour. then randomly it froze when i was watching a tv show and i had to unplug and reboot. then i got the flashing amber light. had to do a fresh install of atv and the atv flash. i then tried it again and once i updated boxee again with the updater it started to flash again. so i just did a fresh install of atv and atv flash until this is fixed. anyone have any ideas? i could boot up but my amber light flashed constantly and couldn’t use my remote, it was useless. both of them.

I had the problem with XBMC that i start and it did working but not good, and after i come back in the menu its freeze the menu.
After boot ATV it was the same problem.

I know that in the Mac some preference can be corrupt, therfore i search the preference for XMBC on my ATV and i delete it.
Now the menu was again operationele and i do not start XMBC again.

I think you guys are having the same problem I had. If it’s the same issue, I found the fix on Boxee’s forums here: http://forum.boxee.tv/showpost.php?p=5559&postcount=17.

It looks like boxee causes the remote to ‘freeze’, making it appear the remote’s are unpaired or whatever. I have to use this fix every couple days, hopefully somebody will fix the root cause of this issue soon. But until then…

Hope this helps!

How can you tell what version of boxee you are running on the AppleTV?

Every time I go to Downloads, the same “Available” downloads are there…

is anyone having trouble using Boxee with v3.4 installed? I got 3.4 installed easily, but when I try to use boxee, it hangs at the user login screen and I have to reboot

I had that same problem with it hanging on the boxee login screen – followed these steps and it worked just fine… just log in to atv via terminal (ssh -l frontrow@appletv.local, pw frontrow) and paste the command here:

just thought i’d share this…after using both programs, XBMC is clearly the winner. its faster, to the point, and you have more control over how you want things to look and work. boxee seems like a cool idea, to me, their best selling point is the hulu and other internet video intergration…but the quality of those are about a 6-7…watchable…but nothing to brag about. i also tried boxee on my macbook, runs MUCH SMOOTHER…of course, but still crashes…will give it another week before i decided to uninstall.