XMBC 10.0 'Dharma' support

Would love to see XMBC on my Apple TV 2! ARM processors and OpenGL ES2.0 are now supported in v10.0


Here's a link:


This has nothing to do with firecore, they don’t actually make the things them self, except couchsurfer and the fm client. This has to do with the original creaters of XBMC. On that note, I know this is something that is being worked on.

As of right now we're not involved in the XBMC --> ATV2 port. XBMC is something that could be easily added as an optional install, though the main focus of aTV Flash (black) is to provide features through the native AppleTV menus, without launching an extra app like XBMC.

P.S. While some features (nitoTV & Plex) are designed by 3rd party devs, everything else is being done in-house.