Xiaomi SMB access

I got Xiaomi AX9000 router with USB port for an external hard drive.
After connecting a drive, I tried to access videos through SMB, but without any luck.

Any suggestions how to access Xiaomi router using SMB?

You’ll have to read through the Xiaomi manual on how to set up the SMB function.

I did and it’s enabled on the router’s settings.

Could you give a bit more info on what problem you’re having?

Does Infuse see the router/drive in the share set up?

Does it see it and not connect?

Does it connect and show the files but not play?

Do you have a share on another server (not the router/drive) that works correctly?

What version number of Infuse?

Thanks for your reply.
Infuse is seeing the router via SMB.
I tried to connect with:

  1. Empty username and pass
  2. Just pass (for the router’s login)
    Nothing worked.

do you have any idea?