xbnc will not show??

odd i got nitotv to work and i tryed xbnc but it says its installed but i can’t see it in the atv menu??

i have been jailbreaking atv’s for a while and this update is the worst of them all yet.  why would you update so there is no xbmc after i run seasonpass and flash?  makes no sense, please fix the issue

i got nitoTV to work but xbnc is not showing up even if it says it’s installed…

XBMC is not compatible with the 5.2 firmware (that is based on iOS 6.1).   If you want an ETA for when XBMC will be compatible I suggest you ask in the XBMC forums.

I’m not running ios6 on my atv unless your update would do that. I simply was trying to redo an atv2 that ran ios5 with the newest version os season pass and flash. That’s when xbmc disappeared. I think this forum is just fine for me to post this. No need to search elsewhere but thank you

You can check the Apple TV version in the Settings > General > About menu. Re-running Seas0nPass will install the latest Apple TV software, and XBMC is currently only compatible with version 5.0.2 and earlier.

If you want to use Seas0nPass to install an older Apple TV version you can do so by following the guide below.