xbmchub wizard

Hi with much appreciated help from threads on this forum I have managed to get xbmc onto my apple tv2.  I have then tried, as directed, to install xbmchub wizard to automatically configure my settings.   I have tried this from multiple sources but all come up with an error saying I do not have permission to download.  Is this just me or everyone else? Thanks.

You will need to navigate to settings then file manager from xbmc home menu and add source for xfinity. I don’t have direct link but google add xfinity repo to xbmc and lots of videos and posts for help there. Good luck


I did as you suggested but used fusion as my source (http://fusion.xbmchub.com)

Folow this video for instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQy2Zu4kqZA

Are you going to programs from xbmc home and clicking on xunity hub wizard to install? That’s where you want to go. If u do not have xunity hub wizard click get more… From programs list and find and install