First of all a great thanks to XBMC people!!!

Does anyone know if we can get dolby digital from optical out in xbmc?


Thanks in advance

Yes. Check xbmc forum for exact instructions. I did it and works perfectly. Basically ssh into atv2 with cyberduck and edit an . XML file.

Having some issues with streaming MKV files to XBMC.  They are glithy and have to buffer alot. I using a N router, and I even tried using a wired connection.  Is there anything that I can do to help this.  Or is there another way I can stream to my Apple Tv 2g.  Converting each one would take forever.  By the way in using a windows computer so I cant use plex.  Thanks for the help.


You can set up a DLNA server that streams via UPNP.  Like the PlayOn application (and ten other server applications for DLNA).  XBMC will then recieve them and play the streams.


But XBMC for Apple TV 2 is still in the development and correction phase.  there are still quite a few bugs that need to be fixed. 


Thanks for the info, you think that the DLNA server will stop the the jerky video, even though it is still playing throught XBMC? 

i never get jerky video.  ever.  but i do have intermittant stopping of the video.  which is kind of weird.