when I select xbmc screen changes from menu states across top XBMC is starting screen goes blank get loading thing in middle of screen
then it return to main menu can anyone help
thank you

Do you have Infuse installed from aTV Flash? If so this will cause Kodi (XBMC) to crash; they are incompatible.

Can you SFTP to your AppleTV and get the kodi.log file from /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences.

Hi Matty
Thank you for coming back to me
I do have infuse installed
I am not to good at all this tec stuff but do try and I don’t know what SFTP is sorry
I also tried this after you said that they crash
I when into maintenance and uninstall kodi then tried xbmc again
Which now show loading, then the screen shows xbmc logo, with V13.2 gothan then blue screen with circles then goes blank with loading thing in middle then returns to main menu