XBMC won't even open ??

Total NEWBIE to all this. Have a jailbroken ATV2 - done with firecore. Installed KODI and then XBMC with nitoTV. When looking at my ATV2 home screen with all the app icons XBMC doesn’t look right. The XB part are not green like I’ve seen on others. Then when I click on the XBMC icon to start it up, it says XBMC is starting and then my ATV flashes a few times and then it just defaults back to the ATV screen with all the app icons. XBMC doesn’t open up or do anything??? I am getting tired of converting everything to M4V to play through my computer ! ! Is there a step by step guide for newbies to help understand the process? I just want XBMC to reach out to my computer and see the files that I want to play. Would love to establish a relationship with a willing (patient) Mentor to learn to get the most out of my ATV2. e-mail me at rodar@shaw.ca