XBMC will not connect to NAS

I have the latest version of aTV installed and the only thing not working for me is XBMC.  It installs OK, I can see my NAS in the list of available devices, but I can’t configure XBMC to connect to the NAS.  When I try to configure XBMC to connect to the NAS I get an error that says the connection is not allowed.


Is there a manual or instructions somewhere that I can follow to get this connected?

The sticky at the top of this forum are has a link to the XBMC User Guide.

However, since XBMC is not a FireCore product, you might be better off asking in the XBMC forum (at www.xbmc.org) if Oort here comes up with an answer.

Yeah, the XBMC user guide is of no help, here is what they have listed:

Note: Better how-to guides on network sharing will be coming to the wiki someday. Feel free to add any links here to good guides you find.

That may be why the OP asked the question here instead of at the XBMC support forum.  I am having the same issue, what have others done to get their NAS connected to XBMC and working on the AppleTV 2?

I have mine working. Took some digging through forums to figure it out.

I use a 1TB Time Capsule and XBMC does a very nice network device browse.
You may need to add the configuration to access the NAS.  Should be in user guide…

Maybe defining your NAS and how your connecting/protocols would help.

The new Media player update works much much better and i am able to use it full time for what I need instead of XBMC for the first time.