XBMC v Media Player

Can someone tell me in their opinion the difference between the two.  IMHO XBMX is way better.  It is organised better and appears to run better and the UI is cleaner.  Media Player seems to have some movie files you can select and others that appear in the UI in the folder the movie file is in.  A lot of the updates centre around media player and I was wondering if I was missing something.  



I think it is a matter of opinion which you prefer.   I personally think that the Media player is much slicker and easier to use than the XBMC one - the exact opposite to what you think!

I agree that XBMC probably has more functionality - but I feel that is at the expense of it generally being a more complicated system.  For what I want Media Player fits the bill well.

I prefer Media Player’s quick and simple interface, but unfortunately for me, it takes at least 5-6 seconds to call up a 30-minute TV show being pulled from my NAS. Most of my files are AVI or MP4/M4V. XBMC is a little clunkier to get into, but once you’re in, the interface is very nice and it pulls my files up in a second or two. I think it’s the AFP vs. SMB situation, because when I tried to access my files via XBMC with AFP, it took just as long as Media Player. When I switched to SMB, it moved much faster. I assume there won’t be any SMB support in Media Player, so until they can make the AFP access faster, I’m sticking with XBMC.

SMB is supported in Media Player.

Really? How do you set that up? As far as I’ve seen, you just go to Add Share and pick your device. I haven’t seen any way to actually tell it what protocol to use to connect…

Go to other and add it manually. I have to do this for my Time Capsule.

Hmm ok I will check that out. Thanks!