XBMC Update ??

Question to Firecore:

Do you plan on seeding a new XBMC update thru the maintenance menu soon ?

If not, Is it safe for me to install a newer build on my own ?





Or is Media Center the only feature you care about ?

As I understand it, if the XBMC people make a new release generally available (as opposed to the nightly builds) this will automatically show up there.  Of course it may be I am mis-understanding how this works :frowning:

The latest public version of XBMC (currently 10.0-9) will always be available through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu.


OK, That’s strange. I my xbmc says PRE-11.0 20110623 (Eden) witch i got thru flash black.  

I thought Dharma was the latest public version ?

That version looks correct. The version shown inside XBMC will always vary from the version shown in Manage Extras.