XBMC - TV Episode Titles

Hello All

I have several XBMC systems running here, only 1 of which is a ATV2 (sourcing a second ATV2 is proving to be difficult :frowning: ) - My second one is a Raspberry PI w/ Openelec.

ATV Flash on ATV2 is by far superior in performance.

There is one thing (aside from all the obvious ones) that the Firecore team has done right and for the life of me I cant figure it out. When you scrap TV seasons into the library on the ATV2 you get the TV episode title in the list view so you see “S0#. Episode Title” - where on any of the other XBMC scraps (non-AaTV Flash version) you only see Sx01, Sx02 etc

What have you configured for this to be availible? Best I can figure after searching the net, XBMC forums and deep diving into the advancedsettings.xml is that something in the aTVFlash install of XBMC has this feature configured.


Any ideas?