XBMC SMB Share and/or NAS

I have XBMC successfully linked to my NAS via SMB on my old 1st gen AppleTV.  Has anyone had any success linking this new version of XBMC to an SMB share on the ATV2?


I keep getting an 'operation timed out' error when i input the path/IP manually, or I get an 'invalid argument' error when I go through XBMC's SMB setup 'wizard'





Are you running through Airport Exreme or Time Capsule?

No problem. AEBS AirDisk setup on aTV2 exactly the same as aTV1 for me.

No problem!

ATV2 + TimeCapsule 1Tb (ethernet) it works like a charm!


I use this method I found on the internet:




time capsule: annihilatrix

disk: killface

file sharing: on (use time capsule password)

airport guest access: read only

workgroup: friskydingo

wins server: <leave blank>


file paths: 

music: annihilatrix/killface/audio/library

vids: annihilatrix/killface/video



video share: smb://friskydingo:<password>@

music share: smb://friskydingo:<password>@


Edit: password without <..>

this is good information for those INSIDE the LAN.  But what if I am OUTSIDE in the WAN (internet) and want access to my remote server.  Need to find some notes on how to set up the PORTS so that we can see this drive location over a WAN, via SMB.  have not seen any success stories with that yet.


@ktjensen This might help

What’s Port 445 in W2K/XP/2003? – SMB Over TCP

FYI… The last update on Airport Extreme 5.?? Is causing the ‘operation timed out’ Down grade your firmware to 4.??? It will fix your issue. It did mine.

I meant to say if you are running firmware 7.5.2 on your airport extreme it will not work. You will need to reinstall 7.4.2 and NAS will work perfect!

Just bought 5th Gen Airport Extreme with FW 7.5.2 and am using Airport Utility 5.5.3 i have downloaded several 7.4.2 FW’s and have had no luck. Does anyone have an idea as to what I can do to remedy the situation. Using aTV2 and 1.5 TB Seagate USB HDD on AE. thanks in advance.