XBMC slower than NiTo TV ??

Hi there,

I notice that when playing movies over XBMC, they seem to be more ‘stuttering’ than over Nito TV.
They’re not 1080 or 720 movies; simple plain Avi’s normal format. It happens to all files; downloaded and ripped :roll:
Has anyone any idea how this is possible and - more important- how to solve?

Thanks in advance

ps - will the Broadcom Crystal HD solve this issue?

Maybe a suggestion on the XBMC setup: Video-settings?

I've installed the CrystalHD card and am still having the same stutter issues.


Are there any things I can turn off or uninstall to get better performance. As it stands, I get smoother playback on the original xbox with xbmc.


Surely ATV with CrystalHD should provide better performance?