[XBMC] Remote start and Airplay close XBMC

Hello, I have two ideas I think might be worthwhile additions to atvflash and may encourage more XBMC users to purchase it.

  1. The ability to remote start XBMC from an iPad would be fantastic there are two projects already one for PC’s and one for Android but none for iOS, if the iPad XBMC Commander app can be used in conjunction with it too (it can with the PC remote start), I’m sure many XBMC Commander users would love this addition sending more people towards atvflash.




  1. XBMC does not actually support Airplay under iOS and if you invoke Airplay a few different things can happen where sometimes it works but can also crash XBMC or the AppleTV2 itself. Would it be possible for Firecore to develop a plugin for XBMC that listens for Airplay requests then gracefully exits XBMC allowing the Airplay function to continue without any conflict.

Apple could probably shut down or at least makes things difficult for open source Airplay implementations so even if XBMC builds in support one day this plugin could still be useful if Apple pull the plug.