XBMC reboots Apple TV during playback


I upgraded ATVFlash to version 4.1.5, also upgraded to the latest version of the XBMC Beta and when watching MKV’s, the Apple TV just reboots and i have to select the display format, reboot.

Any idea’s?


Do you know the specs for your MKV files? It’s possible they may be a higher resolution than what the AppleTV is capable of playing.

This never used to happen before using the same mkv’s.

Do you have a Crystal HD card installed?

I've had this happen a couple of times too. Just .avi files.

I'll hit play, see a couple of seconds and then get the apple logo.

Just every once in a while and (seemingly) never with the same file twice. 

It seems that there are similar issues with a few skins out there too - assume its to do with everything converging to Dharma release.

Confluence skin is v stable, as is back-row.