XBMC question about interface

Hi everyone,

Managed to install ATV on my AppleTV and it now does almost everything I would like it to do.
The only thing it does not, is to output sound over the USB port, but as I’ve seen, this is a limitation that is difficult to break…

I use XBMC.
On the first attempts, I entered several times the same source for my music files.
So here’s a simple question (I hope) :
How can I delete a source that I do not need anymore ?



Hi everybody,

Just replying to myself as I found out how to do it.
I just select the source I wish to delete by highlighting it.
Then I press the “Menu” button" on the remote control for 3 or 4 seconds.
This will bring a pop-up menu to the front where I can do several actions.
In these actions, I can select “Delete” source.
I select this “Delete source”.
I am then prompted to confirm.
I do so.
And there we are : no more useless source :slight_smile:



Two useful commands to bring up context menu and file information:

hold menu -> context menu

hold play -> file information

Some skins manage this better than others. Harmony remote for ATV doesnt alas let you emulate the 'hold' action, so you have to do it manually.