I have the latest of everything. Many laudable improvements…Kudos all round…

But I have a question: How come XBMC is unable to play my Apple TV Movie & TV purchases (moved to external USB drive)? I know DRM probably prevents this (?) BUT, ATVFiles and the latest NITO (previous nito = NG) ARE able to play them!

Since XBMC’s SMB works for me (Nito not so much) AND provides me with my beloved AC3 5.1 tracks (unlike Nito) I am happily playing 5.1 Movies from a Network drive for the first time.

Now if XMBC could play my USB connected drive’s Purchased Files (again, like Nito & ATVFiles CAN) well…in the words of Boris Badonov: “HOOO, boy!”

I’m taking a wild guess here. ATVFiles and NitoTV play the files in Quicktime and QuickTime has the built-in DRM decoders. Maybe XBMC uses a QuickTime plugin and not the full QuickTime application. It sounds smart doesn’t it. :wink:

I forgot to include the following details (I’m at work, and hoping that I’m describing this correctly, from memory):

When playing back m4v Purchases via XMBC (that are stored on the Apple TV itself):

I get only single frames that skip large chunks of the film, while a supered “buffering” notice appears in the center of the image, flickering. Also, the upper right’s playback time bar flickers as does the remote’s interface (when called up).

Now, m4v purchases that I have moved to the USB connected external drive yield entirely different symptoms:

They show picture black only, and no sound is audible but the Music icon (the speaker) shows up, and appears to show the play indicator time is proceeding at the correct pace. The remote interface is accessible (no flickering) and pressing the square STOP button does in fact stop the file playback.

It’s just (!) that there is no sound and no picture and XBMC seems to think these m4v movie files are actually sound files only (hence the Music Speaker Icon?); for which XBMC doesn’t even decode the audio properly (hence the silence?)

I think I’m depicting this accurately. When I get home, I’ll revise anything in this description that’s inaccurate


Okay, to be still more precise: all the Movies but one (out of six) exhibit Symptom 1 (see previous post in this thread)

All the TV shows (roughly 50 episodes over 4 shows) exhibit Symptom 2 (also see previous post in this thread.

Symptom 1 - frozen frames etc., no sound
Symptom 2 - no pix, no sound