XBMC.org download server almost offline, any alternatives?

I’ve been trying to dl XBMC on a fresh JB 5.3 ATV 2, I’ve tried to install XBMC via Maitenence and NITO TV, both timed out after 10 mins. I tried to install old school with terminal which seemed to be working, but it showed the dl status of an average of 10kps and a estimated time of over and hour. After about 45 mins it failed at 65%. My internet is fine, speed tested it at 50mps and watched a Apple hd movie trailer no problem. is there a mirror site i can hook onto or something for the atv XBMC 50mb file?

It is working now just installed xbmc.It was xbmc download.org  dl speed to slow it’s ok now.

Thanks, I was able to dl it late last night.