XBMC on Top Row

Has anyone figured out how to get XBMC on the top row in 5.x? I know that the “/private/var/stash/Applications/XBMC.frappliance/info.plist” file needs to have the following 2 additional commands added at the top of the info.plist


And in order for the icon to display correctly you need to copy “AppIcon.png” to “TopRowIcon.png”.

I have done the above but the AppleTV just hangs on boot at a black screen, I can still SSH into it, and as soon as I change the <true/> back to <false/>, the AppleTV continues to boot as normal, so there is something that needs to be added/changed in order for it to work.

I know it’s possible considering you can put the FireCore “Maintenance” application on the top row, actually I think you can put ANY FireCore application on the top row by simply changing the <false/> to <true/> in the appropriate info.plist file. The same can be done with NitoTV, and I also noticed the Plex change log now has the ability to put Plex on the top row.

So it must be possible, I just don’t know what other files need to be manually modified or added, maybe someone from the FireCore team is willing to “let the cat out of the bag”

Thanks All