XBMC nothing in download window

Yet another novice here,
Two problems so far…
I have installed ATV Flash on my ATV all seems well so far except there are “no downloads found”
when i try to install XBMC and Boxee, Any ideas ?

Playback of movies from a network server via Nito is not good, way too jerky…the same movies played via VLC on a Mac Mini
and PS3 stream perfectly…Any ideas ?


Same here, can’t find the downloads anywhere. They used to appear in the Applications menu of NitoTV, but all I can get there are Firefox and Air Mouse. Neither Boxee or XBMC will start up, and I can’t get to my NAS without XBMC’s ability to hook up with it (NitoTV network menu won’t give me any love either).

Oh how I wish there was a “send it in” option, I’d gladly pay someone to get this box the way I want it!

The Downloads menu is populated from a remote file, the fact that it’s not showing up would indicate your internet connection on the AppleTV may be down.

Actually, I was getting download bars for boxee and xbmc, but I’ll be damned if I can find them. They don’t appear anywhere I can see, but I’m not going to sweat it, as I think I’m going to get back to square one again and see if I mucked something up in the order I installed things.