xbmc not recognizing movies, please help

Hi, I have tried the xbmc forum but no luck with any help, so i thought i would try here.

i need some help and dont know where to find it, xbmc is recognizing my movies folder on my airport extreme through my wd hd 500g drive but not recognizing the movies in that folder.

i have them encoded with handbrake and also 1 mkv movie in there but xbmc will not recognize any of them, am i doing something wrong?

Please help

Thank you

“movies in that folder” your movies are not sorted into named folders? Maybe I am confused by your post… XBMC needs to know the source type also. Is this set to movies with a scraper set ?

I rip my dvd’s using dvd shrink into .ISO’s in seporate folders by name (some abreviated) then run Media Companion to scrape and setup the .nfo along with the movie fanart, logo and folder icon. The just have XBMC check for updates as needed when adding new movies. Saves time on updating the library.