XBMC Movie Thumbs/Fanart Problem

I tried searching for this topic, but couldn’t find anything…

I have movies ripped in several different formats. When using the scraper to get the movie information, it gets the info for all the movies, but the fanart and thumbnails don’t show up for all of them when browsing the movie folder. Most of the files just show a blue folder icon (but all the info from the scraper, including thumbs and fanart, is still there if I select and hold). I realized that I get the blue folder icon for only .dvdmedia files from ripit, and the thumbs and fanart shows for other file formats (.vob and .m4v). Is there a way to manually show thumbs and fanart for the .dvdmedia files?

Nevermind…figured it out. Have to treat the .dvdmedia “file” as a folder place the thumb pic you want inside it.