XBMC/ Media player cannot play .avi .xvid

Hi, I have the latest version of atv (1.3) but I can’t play any .avi or .xvid files (720p) on the media player or XBMC either, the video plays all choppy and it just doesn’t work, actually it has never worked for me before with any previous atv version, .mkv files play just fine on both XBMC and the media player, any ideas on what’s going on? Oh and by the way I have tried several files on .avi and still nothing.

Thanks in advance

AVI is a video container format which may contain video or audio codec which is not compatible with XBMC.
In order to solve AVI won’t play on XBMC, we had better use iDealshare VideoGo to convert AVI to XBMC more compatible format like MP4, WMV.