XBMC Media Center Bar across Top Of Screen

I have “XBMC Media Center” in a bar across the top of my screen while I play back a video.

Any idea how to turn it off?



Does it look like a OS X Window with a title bar and the three round buttons on the upper-left of the window? If so, then try this:

Go to Settings > Appearance > Screen. Change the Resolution to 1280x720 (I think.) That should fix the “window” issue. Also, if the video goes off the screen as it does on my Sony CRT HDTV, then go to the Calibration… menu and make sure the lines all fit in the screen.

That fixed it.

One more dumb question. How do I exit. I can navigate the menus but for the life of me cannot find away to exit the application.

So far I shh in and reboot the AppleTV.

Thanks again,


It depends on what skin you have enabled on XBMC. The default skin you want to go down to Settings and the press the Right (>) button twice. You should see two little icons in the bottom-right corner of the screen, the one that looks like a circle is the “power button.”

I found how to get out id XBMC.

Thanks again for your help.