XBMC latest build fixes SMB streaming

XBMC SMB shares working in latest build May 7the… http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=768428&postcount=85 20 minute update. Hopefully since Firecore and the aTV2 are in beta maybe they can add the update for XBMC into the next release? Or at least setup Managment to update XBMC to check for updates …?

The ‘latest’ build is actually the cutting edge nightly build, not the latest stable release. It is not guaranteed to be bug-free and is not recommended if you expect everything to work.

Developers of add-ons will really only be interested in bug reports for plugins running on the stable release (Dharma 10.1 at the moment). I run a nightly build but if you do you’re flying by the seat of your pants; add-on developers don’t want to know about bugs that have manifested on an unstable release and Davilla wants official bug reports with full log files that are about the build itself. not endless questions about specific add-ons.

It’s better, I think, to let the individual user choose if they want to choose the nightly build to fix a specific problem. I installed it because it supports hardware acceleration and the BBC iPlayer wouldn’t work for me on the stable build.

As for offering an option to install the latest unstable build, maybe this should be addressed to the folks at NitoTV - XBMC is installed from there for most people and maybe they could supply two options; install XBMC stable or install XBMC latest nightly.


I watched the XBMC forum for aTV2 to see the Pros and Cons of the current nightly build and for fixing the SMB streaming issue. Since Firecore for the aTV2 is beta and the XBMC for aTV2 nightly build is also a beta the idea suits me to offer it as an alternate solution only. Anyone waiting for the Gold Dharma release certainly has that option…

I agree with you about the nightly but I loaded the latest version and then rolled back to a previous development build because one of my plugins stopped working; on the flip side of the argument, I use a development build rather than the stable one because iPlayer doesn’t work for me on stable. As long as users are offered both versions it would be great.

Well there is always a chance of sumthin breakin with any upgrade :[ I have aTV2 set to auto update and something got updated that made XBMC crash and lost all the theme settings. When I started XBMC again, Transparency was reset and the default confluence theme was in it’s place. Not a big deal but still…

I was reading about the latest nightly build for XBMC on aTV2 having a few issues so am steering clear of it until resolved. However, I also noticed that XBMC for the AppleTV (white) had the 20111905 release available already in the downloads section yesterday and installed it. All is working well for the original aTV with aTV Flash installed. Thank you again,  fireCore and XBMC!