XBMC issue--black screen and will not uninstall

Last night I ran into an issue with XBMC. I have been installing video addons for the last two days and everything was working fairly well, the only issue being my Apple TV rebooting itself sporadically. I tried to use the XBMC error log uploader, which wouldn’t respond, and then my system rebooted. Now after the reboot, when I run XBMC, the majority of the screen is black, I can only see the menu titles. If I change skins the new skin is fine, but the Confluence screen will not work. I tried uninstalling XBMC from the Maintenance tab thinking I could just reinstall the whole thing to try and fix this, but it will not uninstall. The screen says Uninstall Failure see log for details, and when I click View Log it just shows a blank box.


Running ATV2, 4.4.4 (333).


Any idea what I should do next? Please let me know what other info you need, and thanks so much for your assistance.