Xbmc help

Im jailbroken on 5.2 but theres no option in manage extras to install xbmc, can anyone help

Are you sure it is not there now?

It was not there when I initially jailbroken my ATV to 5.2 firmware because at that point XBMC was not compatible with the 5.2 firmware. However when the XBMC folk announced that they had cracked the issue and XBMC was now 5.2 compatible it shortly after ‘magically’ appeared as an option under the ATV Flash maintenance Manage Extras option. I do not use XBMC myself so have not tried the installation to check it works.

XBMC shows up in my “manage extras” section but does not show up after installing. Going back to manage extras it says i need to update XBMC after updating nothing changes.