I am trying Beta 2 of XBMC. Most things are working well. However, I have the Apple Application Title Bar (you know, the one with the red, yellow and green buttons on the left) and it never disappears so that I can watch things in full screen mode. Do other people have the same problem, or is it just me?

Also, I have been trying to figure out how to get the album art and descriptions in for the movies that I have. It appears that other versions of XBMC have this feature but I haven’t found it yet on my ATV.

Go to setup.
I change your resolution to the resolution with the “(full screen)” next to it.
I believe it is 1280 x sometime.
reboot, this would be full screen the next time you login.

I know, if you have the 1080p tv, this would be a downgrade based on the only available setting with the “(full screen)” option next to it.

I believe the screen resolution setting is at: setting/ appearance/ resolution/ and pick the one with 1280 x __ (full screen).

Have fun!! I just got my working.

Thanks ageofking! Works like a charm. Now if I can just get the movie descriptions and album art, I will be one happy man!